Josephine W. Ellis, Founder

The foundation of this non-profit organization has as its intent the desire to renew and establish relationships for networking, fellowship and general support as we participate in the upbuilding of our community. The diversity of skills and expertise in our backgrounds will allow us to provide needed counsel and spiritual encouragement to one another and to those whom we serve.  A Circle of Friendship shall be our common philosophy.

As founder, it was interesting to reflect on a past where serving others, especially children, has always been my passion.  Beginning in high school, I gravitated to child development courses and received awards for doing so. Also, I did Work Study as a 

Teacher’s Aid for kindergarten in several elementary schools in the City of Atlanta, and went on to work full time in many of the same schools after graduating from high school. However, for the next twenty years, I took a detour into the corporate world, much against the advice of my mother, Mrs. Nettie Mae Wilson.  She observed my discontent and suggested that my sisters and I come together to establish a much-needed daycare center for the community, since we all shared a love for children.

After my first child was born, my mother’s words resonated in my ears and my priorities began to change.  I involved myself into my little daughter’s world and also worked with other children at my church in the children’s choir and the children’s ministry. God inspired me to seek a position at Clark-Atlanta University where I came into contact with young men and women seeking my counsel. Amazingly, these involvements gave me total and complete gratification.

Apparently, God had additional things in mind for me to do, as I became a Paraprofessional & Parent Facilitator with the DeKalb County School System--   another position where I would work with children.  I am currently working with   DeKalb, and God has blessed me to be in contact with others who share the same passion and dedication for children as I. The majority of the time, we network to get ideas from one another and from others around us.  One of those times, my neighbor mentioned that her sister-in-law had given tea parties where ladies wore hats and gloves.  That idea spawned my sponsoring an elaborate tea party on my lawn where ladies paraded their vintage hats, made new friends and networked over everything from where to find the best schools, scholarships, and meaningful employment. This was a dream come true for me. 

The initial success of the tea party, and the request of those in attendance to have another, stirred me to go forward in planning for the next year.  I wanted to attract 100 women to be in attendance using the theme, 100 Women’s Friendship Tea.  My plan was to organize the women and provide them with an opportunity to participate in worthy causes such as tutoring and mentoring students, providing scholarships, and being a support service for one another.  We are now incorporated under the name, Women’s Friendship, Inc. (WFI) to reflect our non-profit status.  My testament and belief is that God orders our steps, and He alone truly knows what is best for us and what is in our hearts.